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What is Command?


Keller Williams is well on its way to achieving an end-to-end platform through the Keller Cloud, a comprehensive and intelligent foundation with interconnected products and experiences built on top. And Kelle, your AI virtual assistant, helps you access it all while on the go.

One specific product you have likely heard a lot about is KWCommand. Here, we’re breaking down exactly what you can look forward to.

Shaped from the models of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Command is your comprehensive operating system of the future. It allows you to optimize, manage, and run your business with unprecedented simplicity and insight. Command is essentially the dashboard to Keller Cloud that will end all dashboards. It is the centralized environment for everything an agent and their team must accomplish during any given day.

Command Readiness

At Mega Camp 2018, many experiences within Command were introduced to a limited availability lab comprised of thousands of conference attendees. While they are labbing away, here are five things you can do right now to get ready for Command:

  • Grow your database
  • Start organizing your contacts into groups: past clients, prospects, allied resources, etc.
  • Brush up on The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Command was based on the models outlined in the "red book."
  • Request a demo from your market center leadership.
  • Stay informed. Read on for an overview of all that Command is going to do for your business.

What will you do within Command?

The short answer is “everything.” The list of experiences within the product is ever-growing based on the valuable feedback received throughout the Labs Process. Currently, the team is developing your future:

Goals (aka the CGI!) – A key piece of your dashboard is your goals and the progress you and your team have made toward them.

Calendar – A seamless integration with both Office 365 and Google Calendar, our master calendar will help you schedule appointments, training, and protect your valuable time block for lead generation.

Contacts – The access point to your database and the location where you add and update contacts and track your touches. But don’t worry, you’re not going to be tied to a desktop. Use Kelle to access and manage your database … anytime, anywhere.

Designs (code name “Sketchhouse”) – Your design center for digital graphics, print materials, landing pages, HTML emails, and more. Create your own, import existing assets, or leverage the library to release the customized marketing campaigns of your dreams.

Listing Consult – Keller Williams is putting its massive treasure trove of data to work, building the listing experience of the future. Agents will use hyperlocal data to show clients unique insights about their specific home in relation to their market. With you expertly guiding them through the experience, they’ll be able to make decisions based on both qualitative and quantitative attributes.

Opportunities – The most efficient way to track your client opportunities all the way from lead to close. Manage your offers, documents, and communications with your client and broker – all in one convenient location. The goal is to allow you to focus on dollar-productive activities. Kelle and Command will do the manual work for you; they’ll remove the need for manual data entry and simply ask you to validate information as a deal moves forward.

Campaigns (code name “Lead Accelerator”) – Leveraging key communication channels, you will be able to create effective and engaging lead generation campaigns with just a few clicks. An intelligent, cross-channel marketing tool, this experience is designed to simplify and optimize ad creation and maximize the value of every dollar spent.

Referrals – You may think you know the Referrals system, but you haven’t seen anything yet! Referrals went to General Availability on KWConnect at Family Reunion (February 2018). Since then, over 43,000 agents have used Referrals to close over $5 billion in volume. In the future, agent-to-agent referrals will be integrated into and managed from Command.

Leverage – Whether you’re a single agent making your first hire or a large expansion business building a team of talented associates, this leverage tool will help quickly create, syndicate, and manage jobs ads, then efficiently track candidates in your pipeline through the entire Career Visioning process.

SmartPlans – While Kelle helps you access the entire platform, SmartPlans are what will make you even more efficient by automating your tasks. A workflow management tool, it helps agents with checklists, drip campaigns, marketing, recruiting, and more. Pre-built plans within the SmartPlan library will help you get up and running quickly, or you can choose to create custom plans. SmartPlans can be simple, like a “happy birthday” emailer or a traditional campaign. Plans can also be more sophisticated, like a “market listing” plan that incorporates social, direct mail, and email marketing.

Mega Camp attendees and Keller Williams leadership were invited to test these experiences and provide feedback, knowing that in the future each of these experiences will be fully integrated with one another.

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Agent Resources


Ignite Your Business!

Ignite Your Business!

Ignite Your Business!


Keller Williams Ignite training is the new real estate agent training course that helps our agents get started in the right way, complete with videos and supporting materials. The course consists of twelve modules called “Power Sessions.”

The fundamental skills taught in Keller Williams Ignite are valuable to real estate agents at every stage of their careers, not just the new ones.

For example, we teach The Daily 10/4, which is to add ten people to your database every day, call and connect with ten people from you database every day, write ten hand-written notes to your database every day and preview ten homes every week (which is two per working day).

The general idea is to get new real estate agents to the point where they’re doing sixteen transactions in their first year. It’s taught in a classroom setting, but all the supporting videos and materials make it like a hybrid online real estate school.



Ignite Your Business!

Ignite Your Business!

 To help real estate agents increase their profitability, KW MAPS Coaching offers BOLD: Business Objective, a Life by Design.

BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, KW Technology adoption and lead generation activities. This trans-formative program increases sales through the relentless pursuit of leads and business-building activities. Discover the transformational results BOLD will have on your life and career. Choose abundance for your life. Last year, BOLD graduates INCREASED their CLOSED TRANSACTIONS by 50% and INCREASED their INCOME by 114%.


Maps Coaching

Ignite Your Business!

Maps Coaching

 Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count and the U.S. leader in units and sales volume, is home to KW MAPS Coaching – awarded a Stevie Award for Sales Training and Coaching Program of the Year – and was the first real estate company to be nominated for the PRISM Award for excellence in coaching.

The format for the programs ranges from the one-on-one coaching relationship, to conferences and masterminds, to weekly group coaching courses. BOLD provides a life-changing experience by creating a life by design, not by default during a seven-week program, which refines the fundamentals for a prosperous real estate practice.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe the client is creative, resourceful and whole.
  • We believe you must address the person as a whole (their entire life, and keep them in production).
  • We believe the issues are from the client and their business.
  • We believe the relationship is one of partnersh